Security Overview

Users of professional business database applications expect extensive security features in the applications they buy. They expect User Access Security, Menu Security, Controls Security and Field Security. Fortunately for you, VPM Enterprise puts those security features into every application you create.

This chapter describes the VPME security features by first showing how to prepare your application to provide security and then by showing how to turn on and set up security for application users.

Preparing Security During Development: The following sections of this chapter show you, the developer, what you need to do during the development of your application to prepare the application to provide security:

∑       Setting Up Controls Security: Controls Security allows any control on any form to be enabled or disabled by user. During development, you must specify which controls on which forms will have Controls Security. See Setting Up Controls Security.

∑       Load Menu Option Table: Before you can use Menu Security in your application, you must run the Load Menu Option Table option from the Security Builder menu to build the Menu Security table. See Load Menu Option Table.

Implementing Security for Users: The following sections of this chapter describe how to turn on and set up security for application users:

∑       Turning On Security: See Turning on Security

∑       User Access Security: See User Access Security.

∑       Access Levels Security: See Access Levels Security.

∑       Menu Security: See Menu Security.

∑       Controls Security: See Controls Security.

∑       Field Security: See Field Security.

Tip: VPM Enterprise has these same security features. This chapterís description of how to implement security for your application applies equally to VPM.

Working with VPME Security: This chapter concludes with the following sections that describe how to work with VPME security:

∑       User Data Encryption: See User Data Encryption.

∑       User Data Properties: See User Data Record Layout and oSec Properties.

∑       User Security Mistakes and How to Recover: See User Security Mistakes and How to Recover.


Setting Up Controls Security