Select User Language

A userís initial language and the languages that the user can choose are selected through the User language option on the Admin/Security menu. If a language is not specified for a user, the Application Language will be used.

ō To select a userís initial and optional languages

1.   Select the User Language option on the application Admin/Security menu. The application displays the User Language form.


2.   Userís Initial Language: In the Language ID text box, enter the ID of the language in which the application should initially run for the user. Click the down arrow button to the right of the Language ID field to display a list of the languages from which you can choose.

3.   Optional Languages: Click the User Selection button to select the languages in which a user can choose to run the application. The application displays the User Selection Languages form.


   Select the languages by moving language names from the Languages column to the Selected Languages column. When the list of Selected Languages is as you want it, click OK.

Tip: Be sure to select the language you selected as the userís initial language.

4.   Save Your Selections: Click the Save button on the Form Toolbar to save your selections for the user.

Tip: You can specify that a user may only use a single, specific language by selecting an initial language for the user and then not selecting any optional languages in the User Selection Languages list. This will disable the Language Selection option on the File menu.

Technical Info

The userís initial language selection is stored in the C LANGUAGEID (C, 3) in the userís record in the User table SDATAUSERS

The list of languages that the user can select is stored in the field MUSERSELECTIONLANGUAGES (M, 4) in the userís record in SDATAUSERS.


Language Interface