Setting the Menu and Form Help Topic

VPM Enterprise and Windows take care of sending menu and form help topics to the Windows Help engine when F1 is pressed.

       Menu Prompt: If F1 is pressed when a menu prompt is highlighted, Windows sets the FoxPro Help topic to the menu prompt.

       Form Caption: If F1 is pressed when a form is active, VPM Enterprise sets the FoxPro Help topic to the form caption.

When F1 is pressed, the Windows Help engine displays the Help file topic that has a keyword matching the menu or screen topic.

Tip Unique Form Captions: Be sure to make your form captions unique. You can then create unique Help topic titles that match the form captions. When a user presses F1 while a form is active, the VPM Enterprise Help engine will send the form caption to the Windows Help engine. Windows Help will display the topic with a title that matches the form caption.


Building Field Help