Setting Up Controls Security

Controls Security allows you to disable or enable any control on a form by user. For example, if you have a command button on a form that runs a process that only certain users are authorized to run, you can put Controls Security on that button so that it will only be enabled for authorized users.

While developing an application, you must identify the forms and controls that will have Controls Security. This section shows you how. See Controls Security to learn how to grant Controls Security permissions to application users after your application is completed and installed.

Setting up Controls Security for an application is basically a three step process:

1.   Create Control IDs and Control Groups: Control IDs identify the controls that should be subject to Controls Security. Control Groups are a device that VPME uses to minimize the work required to link Control IDs to forms.

2.   Set Up Forms for Controls Security: For each Form and Form Class (for forms instantiated from classes) you must fill in certain form properties used by VPME Controls Security.

3.   Assign Control Groups to Forms: You use the Controls Security Forms form to assign Control Groups to Forms.


Create Control IDs and Control Groups

Set Up Forms for Controls Security

Assign Control Groups to Forms

How Your Controls Security Setup Is Applied

A Practical Example

Tip - Making a Form Read-Only by User