Setting Up Visual SourceSafe for a Developer

Setting up Visual SourceSafe for a developer involves two major steps:

1.   Using the VSS Administrator to set up the developer as a VSS user and to set VSS options for the developer.

2.   Using Visual SourceSafe to set VPM Enterprise Working Folders for the user.

Ø To set up a developer as a VSS user

1.   Run the VSS Administrator application. Make sure the VSS database containing the project to be joined is open.

2.   Make sure that the developer that will be joining the VPME project is set up as a VSS user. If not, add the user through the Add User menu option on the VSS Users menu.

3.   Select the Options option on the Tools menu. VSS displays the SourceSafe Options dialog.

4.   On the SourceSafe Options dialog, make sure the “Allow multiple checkouts” option is checked. If someone other than the developer that is joining the project will be setting up that developer to join the project, make sure the “Use network name for automatic user log in” option is unchecked. Click OK.

Tip: After joining a developer to a project, be sure to return to the SourceSafe Options dialog and uncheck the "Allow multiple checkouts" option and check the "Use network name for automatic user log in" option.

5.   Exit the VSS Administrator application.

Ø To set VPM Enterprise Working Folders

1.   Run Visual SourceSafe.

2.   On the Visual SourceSafe Login dialog, enter the VSS Username and Password of the user that will be joining the project. Make sure the VSS database that contains the project being joined is selected. Click the OK button.

3.   Select the project (VPME91) that was created to put the files in the VPME91 folders under source control.

4.   Select the Set Working Folder option on the VSS File menu to set the Working Folder to the home directory of the developer's installation of VPME. VSS displays the Set Working Folder dialog.

5.   If the developer's installation of VPME is on another computer on your LAN, click the Network button to map the network drive.

6.   Exit Visual SourceSafe.


Joining a VPME Project Under Source Control