Setting View Properties

Select a view in the treeview on the Data Builder List Page and click the Edit page to set up view properties.

Set up the view properties on the Properties and Utilities page as described below.

Ø To set up view properties

1.   Description: Enter a brief description of the view; up to 100 characters. The description you enter is displayed to the right of the view name on the Data Builder List page.

2.   Comments: Enter any comments you want to record about the view in the Comments box. Enter as much text as you want. The comments you enter can be used to provide users of your application important information about the view.

3.   Data Source: Use the combo box to select the data source record for a remote view. A data source record identifies elements of the view SELECT statement WHERE clause required by the type of remote data being used.

Tip: VPM Enterprise comes with two defined data source records. Visual FoxPro and SQL Server. You can define additional data source records by clicking the Data Sources button at the bottom of a view’s Edit page. To learn how to create data source records, see Data Sources.

4.   Remote View – Local To Remote: See Identifying and Turning On Matching Remote Views.

5.   Remote View – Duplicate PK View: See Remote Views – Preventing Duplicate Primary Keys.

Tip – Select Command: When a view is created or modified, the SELECT command is saved in the view’s record in the SDATADDTV table. The SELECT command is displayed on the view’s Data Builder Edit-Properties page for information purposes only. The SELECT command is also displayed on the Data Dictionary Report for the view.


Remote Views - Preventing Duplicate Primary Keys