Set Up Forms for Controls Security

With your Controls Security Setup List by your side, you are ready to set up your applicationís forms for Controls Security by filling in several form and control properties. Open each form that will have Controls Security in the Visual FoxPro Form Designer and each form class that will have Controls Security in the Class Designer and do the following:

1.   Form Properties: Fill in the following form properties.

∑       Name: You have probably already entered a value in the formís Name property, but if you havenít, enter a unique Name now. The first 12 characters of the Name property are used to identify the form in the security table SVPMSecurityData.DBF.

∑       cCSAltFormName: If the first 12 characters of a formís name property are not unique among your applicationís forms, enter a unique value that can be used to identify the form in lieu of the formís Name property. Enter up to 12 characters.

2.   cCSControlID Control Property: For each control on the form that will have Controls Security, enter the controlís Control ID into the controlís cCSControlID property. A Control ID is a 1 or 2 character alphanumeric code. Alpha characters must be upper case.

   A Control ID must be unique among the other control IDís for a form, including the Form Toolbar controls and the child grid buttons on one-to-many forms, if you include those controls in Controls Security for the form.


Assign Control Groups to Forms