Set Up Visual SourceSafe Users

The administrator of the Visual SourceSafe database should assign a Visual SourceSafe User Name and Password to every developer who will be using the VSS database to put files and projects under source control or who will be joining a project under source control. You use the Visual SourceSafe Administrator to add users to the VSS database. Select the Add User option on the Users menu to enter user names and passwords.

Important Tip: We suggest (1) that you use a user's computer logon name as the user's Visual SourceSafe User Name and (2) that you select the Options menu option on the Visual SourceSafe Administrator Tools menu and check the "Use network name for automatic user log in" check box on the General page of the SourceSafe Options dialog. You will then be able to access the VSS database without being prompted to enter a User Name and Password. If you do not do this, you will be prompted to enter a User Name and Password every time you access VSS functionality when running VPM Enterprise with the ProMatrix Source Control Kit.

Tip: Every time you enter Visual SourceSafe to put files or projects under Source Control be sure to use the same User Name. If you use more than one User Name to access Visual SourceSafe, your work in Visual SourceSafe will be associated with different User profiles. That can lead to confusing and unexpected results.


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