Set Validation

If you select the Set field validation type, the Integrity dialog looks like this:

When you choose Set validation for a field, the valid entries in the field must be members of the set of values you enter on the Integrity page. The set of values that you enter and the description of each value that you enter are shown in the window on the Integrity page.

Set validation is useful for character fields that contain codes. For example, Human Resources databases typically contain fields with codes that identify an employee’s status, employment type, benefits coverage and so on. Set validation is ideal for those kinds of fields.

Ø To create a set of valid entries for a field

1.   Select Set validation on the Type combo box. VPM Enterprise transforms the Integrity page for Set validation.

2.   Click the New button. VPM Enterprise puts the focus on the Value field.

3.   Enter a set value into the Value field. Tab to the Description field.

4.   Enter a description of the value in the Description field.

5.   To add another value to the set, click New and repeat steps 3 - 4.

6.   When you’re finished entering set values, click the Options combo box to turn on validation for the field. Choose the validation option that you want for the field.

7.   If you want to allow users to override an entry that fails validation, check the Override check box.

8.   Click the Level combo box to select when field validation should be run.

9.   When you leave the Integrity page for the field, VPM Enterprise will save your changes.

Ø To change a value in the set of valid entries for a field

1.   Highlight the set value that you want to change in the list.

2.   Make your changes in the Value and Description fields.

Ø To remove a value from the set of valid entries for a field

1.   Highlight the set value that you want to delete in the list.

2.   Click the Remove button.

Ø To change the order of set values

1.   Highlight the set value that you want to move.

2.   Click the mover bar to the left of the set value and drag the set value to the list position you want.

Field Picklist Help for Set Validation - Auto List

When a user of your application edits a field that uses Set validation on a data entry form, the user can display a picklist of the set of valid entries for the field by pressing F2 or by clicking the right mouse button and selecting Picklist from the shortcut menu. The picklist also shows the description you entered for each valid entry. The user can select a value for the field from the picklist by double-clicking a value in the list or by highlighting a value and pressing enter.

Combo Box Picklist: The set of valid entries can also be displayed using a combobox control on a form.

If you check the Auto List check box on the field’s Set validation page, the Help picklist will automatically appear if the field fails validation. Users can then select a valid entry from the picklist. If the Validation Option you select for the field is not On/Empty/Null and if Empty or Null are not valid entries, users can hit the tab or enter key when the focus is initially placed on the field to bring up the Help picklist right away.

See the chapter Building Data: Picklist Help to learn all about how to build Picklist Help for data entry fields.


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