Source Control Kit Application Toolbar Buttons

The ProMatrix Source Control Kit adds four buttons to the VPM Enterprise application toolbar. You can access important Source Control Kit functionality through these buttons.






Check In Button

Clicking the Check In button displays the Check In Files dialog if you have files checked out, allowing you to check in files you have checked out.

Undo Check Out Button

Clicking the Undo Check Out button displays the Undo Check Out of Files dialog. When you select a file and click OK, the file is checked in without any of the changes you made since you checked it out.

Refresh Button

Clicking the Refresh button updates the file checked out statuses displayed on the Report and Object Editors and displayed when you attempt to open a menu file that is checked out by another developer.

The checked out statuses displayed are as of the later of (a) the last time you clicked the Refresh button or (b) the last time you did something that caused the project object to be created. The project object is created and refreshed whenever you open a project, return from running the application, return from Visual FoxPro or close the Project Manager.

Tip: If you are working in a team development environment with developers checking out and checking in files frequently, it is a good idea to click the Refresh button frequently to obtain an accurate update of checked out statuses.


Unfortunately, there is a bug in Visual FoxPro and Visual SourceSafe that affects the accuracy of the checked out statuses reported by the Refresh button. When another developer checks out a file, the Visual SourceSafe database does not fully reflect the file's checked out status until the developer does something that causes the project object on his computer to close. As a result when you click the Refresh button, files checked out by another developer since the last time the developer's project object was closed will not be reported to you as being checked out.

However, there is some good news. If you attempt to check out a checked out file that is not being reported as checked out, you won't be able to. The file will open for you as read-only (if multiple check out is turned off in the VSS Administrator). Further, as other developers work with VPM Enterprise, the chances are that they will take actions that will cause their project object to close rather frequently.

Accordingly, in practice this bug should not be a major inconvenience.

Source Control Kit Functionality Button

The Source Control Kit Functionality button allows you to turn ProMatrix Source Control Kit functionality on and off as needed.

Tip: If you work on a notebook computer with the Visual SourceSafe database located on a LAN file server, you can use this button to turn off Source Control Kit functionality when you are not on the LAN. Before you log off the LAN, you would probably want to check out the files you will work on elsewhere.

Technical Note

The Source Control Kit adds a logical field, BYPASS_SC, to a project's s<Prefix>FPJD.PJD table. If a project is not under source control, the value of BYPASS_SC is set to .T. to disable the Source Control Kit functionality for the project. Clicking the Source Control Kit Functionality Button changes the value in BYPASS_SC, turning the Source Control Kit functionality on or off.


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