Source Control Options

To use source control software with Visual FoxPro and VPM Enterprise, you must select the active source control provider on the Options dialog in Visual FoxPro.

To select the active source control provider

1.   Run VPM Enterprise and select the Exit to FoxPro option on the File menu.

2.   Options: When you reach the Visual FoxPro interface, select Options on the Tools menu. Visual FoxPro displays the Options dialog.

3.   Projects: Select the Projects page. It looks like this:

4.   Active Source Control Provider: Select your Active Source control provider in the combo box. In the picture above, MS Visual SourceSafe is selected.

5.   Source Control Options: Set the check boxes as shown in the picture above. The "Automatically add new projects to source control" check box is ignored because VPM Enterprise requires a special procedure described later in this manual to put a project under source control (see Source Control for VPME Projects

6.   Putting a VPME Project Under Source Control). The remaining check boxes only affect what happens when you use the Visual FoxPro Project Manager to edit files.

7.   Set As Default: When you have the Projects page Source control options set, click the Set as Default button. Click OK.

8.   At this point, VPM Enterprise with the ProMatrix Source Control Kit is integrated with your source control software.


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