Source Control Setup

The only requirement for using the ProMatrix Source Control Kit is that you have a license for and learn to use MS Visual SourceSafe or an alternative source control system that works with Visual FoxPro.

Registration File

The ProMatrix Source Control Kit Registration File determines the number of users who can work together as a team on a project under source control. The VPME 9.1 installation includes a Registration File named "PSCK.SCK" for one user. When you purchase more than one VPME 9.1 license, you will receive a PSCK.SCK registration file with the number of users set to your number of licenses.

Tip: If you wish to run VPME 9.1 under source control with more than one user and if you already have a Source Control Kit Registration File for more than one user, replace the file PSCK.SCK file in the \vpme91 directory with your own Source Control Kit Registration File.

Important, Important, Important: We cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you to store a copy of your original ProMatrix Source Control Kit Registration File provided to you by the ProMatrix Corporation in a safe place. You may encounter situations in which you need to copy the original Registration File to the VPM Enterprise home directory in order to restore your ProMatrix Source Control Kit team environment. See ProMatrix Source Control Kit Licensing.


Source Control Options

Set Up Visual SourceSafe Database Server

Set Up Visual SourceSafe Users

ProMatrix Source Control Kit Licensing