Team Development

The ability for multiple developers to work seamlessly on the same VPM Enterprise project is one of the major benefits of the ProMatrix Source Control Kit.

To implement team development for a VPM Enterprise project, the project must first be put under source control. Then, each developer on the team must "join" the project under source control.

The preceding section showed you how to put a project under source control. This section shows you how to set up a developer to join a project under source control.

Setting up a developer to join and work on a VPM Enterprise project under source control involves two major steps:

1.   Setting up Visual SourceSafe for the developer.

2.   Running Visual FoxPro to join the developer to the project.

The following sections describe each of these major steps in detail.


Setting Up Visual SourceSafe for a Developer

Joining a VPME Project Under Source Control

Allowing Multiple Checkouts