Team Development and Source Control

This chapter shows you how to team development and source control with VPM Enterprise and source control software.

Tip: Theoretically, the ProMatrix Source Control Kit allows VPM Enterprise to work with any source control software supported by Visual FoxPro. However, because Microsoft Visual SourceSafe is far and away the most popular source control software among Visual FoxPro developers, this manual places its emphasis on using Visual SourceSafe with VPM Enterprise and the ProMatrix Source Control Kit. Accordingly, the manual assumes that you will be using MS Visual SourceSafe as your source control provider. If you will be using a different source control provider, modify the instructions in this manual as needed to fit the capabilities and requirements of your source control system.

Benefits of Source Control

MS Visual SourceSafe is a source control system. Source control is highly desirable when developing software, web sites, or anywhere you may want to compare two versions of a file or return to a previous version.

Source control software is also referred to as version control software. Version control is a critical facet of team software and Web site development, preventing users from accidental file loss, allowing back-tracking to previous versions, branching, merging and the managing of releases. Visual SourceSafe provides this robust versioning and configuration management functionality along with security and audit trail capabilities.

Source control software like MS Visual SourceSafe provides the following major benefits for Visual FoxPro and VPM Enterprise developers.

       Team Development: Visual SourceSafe allows multiple developers to work on the same VPM Enterprise project seamlessly. This may be the major benefit for most VPM Enterprise developers. Developers check out files to work on them and check in files to make them available to other developers. Visual SourceSafe makes sure that one developers changes are not accidentally replaced by another developer.

       Version Tracking: Visual SourceSafe provides for archiving and tracking of old versions of source code and other files, which can then be retrieved for bug tracking and other purposes.

       Reusable or Object-Oriented Code: Visual SourceSafe tracks which programs use which modules so that code can be reused.

Visual SourceSafe's benefits also extend to application and web development using:

       Visual Basic

       Visual C++

       Visual J++

       Microsoft Access

       Microsoft FrontPage

       Office Developer Edition

       Visual InterDev

Benefits of ProMatrix Source Control Kit

The ProMatrix Source Control Kit integrates Visual SourceSafe into the VPM Enterprise development environment.

After you put a VPM Enterprise project under source control using Visual SourceSafe, you can use all of the VPM Enterprise development tools to create and edit files under source control.

Team Development: With the ProMatrix Source Control Kit, each developer in your organization who has a VPM Enterprise and Source Control Kit license can participate in the development of any application project that you put under source control.

Not Just for Team Development: MS Visual SourceSafe is not just for team development. Visual SourceSafe provides important version control benefits for the single developer as well. Accordingly, the ProMatrix Source Control Kit is also for every VPM Enterprise developer, whether working individually or as part of a large development team.

If you try to use Visual SourceSafe with VPM Enterprise without the ProMatrix Source Control Kit, you will lose much of the functionality that VPM Enterprise provides as you create menus, application objects (forms, programs, etc.) and reports.


Source Control Setup