The Basics - Overview

Creating Forms: The Basics is the first of five consecutive chapters that show you how to create forms with VPM Enterprise.

This chapter introduces you to the basics of creating forms with VPM Enterprise. You will learn how to create a simple form without a VPME form builder. That will help you understand the details involved in creating a form. That knowledge will help you design forms and handle exceptions if they arise when you use the ProMatrix Form and Control Builders.

VPM Enterprise provides form and control classes that contain the kinds of functionality Visual FoxPro developers need. VPM Enterprise also provides Form and Control Builders that automate the construction of forms based on the VPME classes. In the chapters that follow you will learn to use the ProMatrix Builders with the form and control classes to construct simple and complex forms.

The four chapters that follow cover:

∑       Creating Forms: The Builders: Shows how to use the ProMatrix Form and Control Builders to automate the creation of simple and complex forms.

∑       Creating Forms: Form Toolbar: Describes the VPM Enterprise Form Toolbar controls and the Form Toolbar Class.

∑       Creating Forms: Tips & Techniques: Provides ways to handle special form needs.

∑       Creating Forms: Related Forms: Explains how VPM Enterprise handles forms that must display data from related tables, views and CursorAdapters in a coordinated way.

Tip Ė Not Gone with the Wind: The Creating Forms chapters donít read like Gone with the Wind. They are somewhat tedious and very detailed. We donít expect you to read each chapter word-for-word the first time through. However, we do expect you to learn how VPME helps you create forms, what types of forms VPME helps you build, and the important steps in constructing VPME forms. In particular, you should learn how VPME expects your data to be set up in the Data Builder before you create forms.




Form Types