The Builders - Overview

VPM Enterprise provides form and control builders that automate the creation of a wide variety of forms based on the VPME form classes. This chapter shows you how to use the VPM Enterprise Builders.

Form Builders:

∑       Basic Form Builder: Automates the creation of a simple form based on the Form_Toolbar class or a subclass. See ProMatrix Basic Form Builder.

∑       PageFrame Builder: Automates the placement of pageframes on a form. See ProMatrix PageFrame Builder.

∑       One-to-Many Form Builder: Automates the creation of a one-to-many form that maintains data for a parent table, view or CursorAdapter and multiple child tables, views or CursorAdapters. See ProMatrix One-To-Many Form Builder.

∑       Related Pages Builder: Automates the creation of a form that maintains data for related tables, views and CursorAdapters on the pages of a pageframe. See ProMatrix Related Pages Form Builder.

∑       Toolbar List Builder: Automates the customization of the Form Toolbar List control for forms based on the Form_Toolbar class or a subclass. See ProMatrix Toolbar List Builder.

∑       Condition Field List Builder: Automates the selection of the fields that will appear in a formís Condition Builder Field list. See ProMatrix Condition Field List Builder.

Control Builders:

∑       Grid Builder: Automates the creation of an editable grid. See ProMatrix Grid Builder Ė an Editable Grid.

∑       List Grid Builder: Automates the creation of a sortable, searchable, picklist-type grid that you can place on a page in a pageframe. See ProMatrix List Grid Builder.

∑       Control Builder: Converts the classes of the controls you drag and drop on a form from the Data Environment to VPM Enterprise control classes. You only need to use the Control Builder for fields and labels that you donít place on a form via one of the VPM Enterprise Form Builders. See ProMatrix Control Builder.

Special Form Types

This chapter also shows you how to create the following types of forms:

∑       Mover Forms: See Creating a Mover Form.

∑       Thermometer Forms: See Thermometer Form and Class.

∑       Single-Record Forms: See Single-Record Forms.

∑       No-Record Forms: See No-Record Forms.

Have It Your Way Ė Modify Builders

This chapter concludes by showing how you can modify the form and control builders to make them fit your unique needs. You can modify the source code of the VPME form and control builders. There's even a Visual FoxPro project set up to make it easy for you to make your modifications and compile them to be used by VPM. See How to Modify the Form and Control Builders.

Tip: We donít expect you to read this chapter word-for-word the first time through. Thereís a lot of tedious, step-by-step instruction in this chapter. However, we do expect you to learn what VPME Form and Control Builders are available to you and the important steps in using them. In particular, you should learn how the Builders expect your data to be set up before you use them.


Form Builders vs. Control Builders