Thermometer Form and Class

VPME provides a form that displays a “thermometer” to visually show a user the progress of a process. VPME provides a thermometer form class and the RunThermometerForm method of the application object to help you display a thermometer form.

The RunThermometerForm method instantiates the thermometer form from the form class that is specified in the cThermometerForm and cThermometerForm_ClassLibrary properties of the application object. By default, the thermometer form is instantiated from the Thermometer class in the ProGen class library. VPM Enterprise uses this form and you can use it too.

To implement the Thermometer form in an application, you run the form, run the Update method of the form at various points to update the information that is displayed, and then run the Complete method to close the form when the process has been completed.

The form can be passed a title string that is displayed above the progress bar. The Update and Complete methods of the form can be passed a message string that is displayed below the progress bar.

1.  To implement the thermometer form

1.   Run the form using the following syntax:

   VarName = _SCREEN.oApp.RunThermometerForm(cTitle)

   Example: oThermometer = ;

   _SCREEN.oApp.RunThermometerForm(“Updating Tables”)

2.   Update the form when and where desired by calling the Update method using the following syntax:


   Example:  oThermometer.Update(10,”Activity”)

3.   Close the form when and where desired by calling the Complete method using the following syntax:


   Example:  oThermometer.Complete(“Update Complete”)


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