The Toolbar Classes

Visual FoxPro provides a Toolbar base class from which you can create custom toolbars. To create a custom toolbar, you must first create a class for it. Then, at the appropriate point in your application, you create and display a toolbar object from the class.


The VPM Enterprise Toolbar_ class is a subclass of the Visual FoxPro Toolbar base class. As you will see when you view the properties and methods of the Toolbar_ class in the Technical Reference manual, the Toolbar_ class does not add any significant functionality to the Visual FoxPro Toolbar base class. The main purpose of the Toolbar_ class is to establish a VPME base class from which other VPME toolbar classes can be created.

Because Visual FoxPro base classes cannot be modified, it is good practice to create your own base classes from the Visual FoxPro base classes. Then, you create all your subclasses from your own base classes. If you do that, you will have the ability to modify your base classes as needed, and your modifications will be inherited by your subclasses.


The VPM Enterprise Toolbar_All class is the blueprint for the Standard Form Toolbar used by forms based on the Form_Toolbar class. You’ll learn much more about this class in the Toolbar_All section of the Technical Reference manual.

Note: We gave this class name the suffix “All” because it contains all of the VPM Enterprise Toolbar controls.

The VPM-level toolbar classes are located in the VPMFORMS.VCX class library. The DEV-level toolbar classes are located in the DEVFORMS.VCX class library. The PRO-level toolbar classes are located in the PROFORMS.VCX class library.


The VPM Enterprise Toolbar_All_Edit class is a subclass of the Toolbar_All class that includes an Edit button. You use the Toolbar_All_Edit class when you implement an edit mode for a form. See How to Implement an Edit Mode.

Tip – Read “Toolbar Classes” Chapter in Technical Reference: Be sure to read the Toolbar Classes chapter in the VPME 9.1 Technical Reference manual. The “Toolbar_All Class” section explains in detail how VPME creates and displays a toolbar and how toolbar controls are fired.


Toolbar Controls