The VPM Enterprise Sample Application

The VPM Enterprise Sample Application illustrates the kind of Visual FoxPro application you can create with VPME without writing a line of Visual FoxPro code.

A picture is worth a thousand words. So, as you read this chapter, fire up the Sample Application, and we’ll give you a brief tour of what’s there. After the tour, you’ll know what to expect when you create your first starter application.

Ø To fire up the Sample Application

1.   Run VPM Enterprise.

2.   Select VPM Enterprise Sample Application on the Open Project dialog.

3.   Click the Run Application button on the Object Builder window.

Have It Your Way: Don’t get the impression that every application you create with VPM Enterprise has to look like the Sample Application. VPME gives you the tools to create and organize applications that fit your style. With a few tweaks of the VPME classes, your applications can look anyway you want them.


As You Enter the Sample Application