The VPME Sample Application

VPM Enterprise comes with a Sample Application installed in a subdirectory (\Vsa) of your VPME home directory. The VPM Enterprise Sample Application contains menus, data, forms and reports. You can use the Sample Application to help you learn VPM Enterprise.

Ř To open the Sample Application

1.   Run VPM Enterprise.

2.   VPME displays the Open Project dialog.

3.   On the Open Project dialog, select the VPM Enterprise Sample Application and click Open.

4.   VPM Enterprise opens the Sample Application and displays the Object Builder window. 

Click the Run Application button on the Object Builder window to run the Sample Application. Enter “User” (case sensitive) in the Login dialog’s User ID field and “123456” in the Password field.

Tip: While you review this User’s Guide, run VPM Enterprise and open the Sample Application to try out VPM Enterprise’s features as you read about them.


What Setup Installs