Three-Level VPME Class Structure

Now, letís turn to how we implemented classes (OOP) in VPM Enterprise. VPM Enterprise uses a three-level class structure:

∑       VPM-Level: The VPM class level is the top level from which the other two levels and all applications inherit. You can make class changes at the VPM- level that affect all the applications you are creating with VPM Enterprise.

∑       DEV-Level: The DEV-level inherits from the VPM-level and  allows you to make class changes that affect all your VPME applications.

∑       PRO- Level (Project): The PRO-level inherits from the DEV-level and allows you to make class changes at the project level that only affect the objects used by a specific application.

Tip Ė Modify DEV Not VPM Classes: When you want to make class changes that affect all your applications, modify the DEV classes, not the VPM classes. When we release VPME updates, we release new VPM level class libraries. If you have changed the VPM level classes, you will have to reapply your changes.


VPM-Level Classes