Toolbar List Control - Technical Info

When the Tolbar List control is accessed, the RunListForm method of the form runs the form specified in the form properties cListForm and cListForm_ClassLibrary. cListForm contains the name of the List form or form class. cListForm_ClassLibrary contains the name of the class library that contains the List form class, if any. By default, the List form is instantiated from the List class in the PROGEN.VCX class library.

When you run the List Builder for a form, you are defining the List grid for the formís toolbar List control. The List grid definition you create in the List Builder is stored in the following custom properties of the form. You can change the definition of the List grid for a form by changing the entries in these properties.




Semi-colon-delimited list of the captions for the List grid column headers.


Semi-colon-delimited list of the fields used by the Toolbar List form for the List grid columns. An asterisk (*) in front of the field name identifies a calculated field expression.


Semi-colon-delimited list of the Order Tags for the List grid fields. An asterisk (*) in front of the tag name indicates that the field column provides a case-sensitive incremental search. An exclamation point (!) in front of the tag name indicates that the field column provides a noncase-sensitive incremental search (Upper Search).


The number of rows displayed when the List grid first appears.


The maximum List form width in pixels when the List form first appears.



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