Tools Menu

The VPM Enterprise Tools menu puts all of the tools you need to create an application in one place.

The Tools menu contains the VPM Enterprise Menu Builder, Data Builder, Object Builder, Message Builder, Report Builder, Security Builder, Product Builder and Update Builder. The Tools menu also provides access to the Visual FoxPro Project Manager, Class Browser and Component Gallery. 

The Tools menu contains all the tools you need to create and manage menus, tables, forms, languages, reports, queries and labels, and to package your application for distribution to your customers.

To complete a Visual FoxPro application, you start at the top of the Tools menu and work your way through the VPM Enterprise Builders. The order of the Builders on the Tools menu suggests the order in which we recommend that you complete your application.

·       Menu Builder: create your application’s menu(s). See the Building Menus chapter.

·       Data Builder: create your application’s database. See Data Builder.

·       Object Builder: create Application Objects.

·       Language Builder: add and manage the languages in which text can be displayed in your application. See the Creating a Multilingual Application chapter.

·       Message Builder: create messages for display in your application. See Message Builder.

·       Report Builder: create your application’s reports. See the Building Reports chapter in the VPM Enterprise User's Guide.

·       String Builder: create records that identify the text strings that you add to your application that need to appear in different languages. See the Creating a Multilingual Application chapter.

·       Security Builder: create application security.  See the Security chapter.

·       Product Builder: package your application for distribution.  See the Packaging Your Product chapte.

·       Update Builder: package application updates for distribution.  See the Packaging Your Update chapter.


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