User Access Security

User Access Security prevents unwanted entry into VPM Enterprise and the applications you build with VPM Enterprise. User Access Security requires users to enter a valid User ID and Password before they can access an application.

Tip: Distribute your applications with User Access Security turned off. You must enter users and their passwords on the Users form before User Access Security can be turned on through the Admin Tools dialog. See the “Users” section below.

Tip - VPME User Projects List: When User Access Security is on for VPME, VPM Enterprise keeps track of the projects you are developing and displays your projects list in the Open Project dialog. When you first get a VPME User ID or if your ID is changed, the Open Project dialog’s project list will be empty. In that case, you must use the Find button on the Open Project dialog to locate and open a project.

The following subsections describe what you need to know to use User Access Security.



New Password

Password Setup



Security Reports