User Language Selection

The user of a VPME Multilingual application can run the application in any of the languages that the System Administrator has selected for the user (see “Select user Language” below).

A user can change the application’s current language by selecting the Language Selection option on the application’s File menu.

Tip: For the Language Selection option on the File menu to be enabled, User Access Security must be on and the logged in user must have languages selected on the User Language form reached from the Admin – Security submenu of the application.

Ø To change a user’s current language

1.   Select the Language Selection option on the application File menu. The application displays the Language Selection dialog.


2.   Select the language to which you want to change. Click Select.

3.   When the Language Selection dialog closes, the application will be running in the language you selected.

Tip: When a new language is selected, it remains selected until the user makes a different selection on the Language Selection form or the System Administrator selects a different initial language on the User Language form (see “Select User Language” below.

Technical Info

The Language Selection option on the File menu is enabled if the Multilingual object’s cUserSelectionLanguages property is not blank.

The language selection is stored in the field CLANGUAGEID (C, 3) in the user’s record in the User table SDATAUSERS as well as the cLanguageID property of the Multilingual object.

Other language-specific properties of the Multilingual object are changed at the time a language is selected, and the default datasession environment is reset with the new language’s settings.


Select User Language