VPME Error Handling – Very Important

Application development is one of the most complicated things you can do with a computer. As you use VPM Enterprise, you will create errors. You can’t do that with most software applications you use. As you build an application, you will create errors just like you would if you were using FoxPro alone to create the application. You may make incorrect entries on VPM Enterprise dialogs that result in data type mismatches, or you might enter FoxPro code with an incorrect syntax.

When you create errors, the VPME error handler helps you find the cause. VPME displays an error message when it encounters an error. VPME then captures all the information available to help you diagnose the error. You can then view the captured information using the VPME Errors dialog. The Errors dialog will normally provide all the information you need to fix the error.

The Errors dialog provides information to diagnose coding errors.

Tip: You will find more detailed information about the VPME Error Handler in the Errors. We are telling you about the Error Handler here because it’s important that you learn right away where to go when errors occur.

As you work with VPME and as errors occur, there are two places that information about errors are stored. You need to know where error information is stored in order to know where to look for information about a particular error. Here are the rules:

1.   Application Errors: If an error occurs while you are running the application you are creating with VPM, error information is stored in your application’s error log. You can view the application’s error log in two places: (1) by selecting the Test Errors option on the VPME Tools - Test menu, or (2) by selecting the Errors option on your application’s Admin menu. 

2.   VPM Enterprise Errors: If an error occurs while you are in VPM Enterprise, error information is stored in the VPME error log. You can view the VPME error log by selecting the ProMatrix Errors option on the VPME PM-Admin menu. 

Tip: When you seek ProMatrix Technical Support for assistance with an error, please include the error information displayed on the Errors dialog.


Exiting VPM Enterprise When an Error Occurs