VPM Enterprise Security

After you install VPM Enterprise, all VPM Enterprise security is off. If more than one user will be running VPM Enterprise or if you just want to prevent others from running VPM Enterprise, you can set up VPM Enterprise security. The Security menu on the PM-Admin menu lists the options to install the VPM Enterprise security tools.

The place to begin installing security is the Users form reached from the Security menu. You identify each user to VPM Enterprise on the Users form. You assign an ID and password to each user. 

VPM Enterprise uses the user ID to track users. For example, the Activity log tracks when a user logs in and out of VPM Enterprise and where the user goes while in VPM Enterprise. The Audit Trail tracks data changes the user makes.

User Access Security

The first security tool you may want to turn on is User Access Security.  User Access Security will require you to enter an ID and password whenever you run VPM Enterprise. Its a two step process.

To set up User Access Security

1.   Enter a record for each user on the Users form with an ID and password.

2.   Check the Security - User Access check box on the Admin Tools dialog.


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