VPM Enterprise Setup

VPM Enterprise includes Administrative Tools that help you manage and monitor your use of it. You will find these same tools in the applications VPM Enterprise builds for you. 

The options on the VPME PM-Admin menu allow you to conrol and use the VPME Administrative Tools.

Tip: After you install VPM Enterprise, visit the PM-Admin menu to set up the Administrative Tools as you prefer.

The tools you may want to set up before you begin creating VPME applications are described briefly in the remainder of this chapter.

Tip PM-Admin for VPME Only: The options on the PM-Admin menu are for the purpose of controlling VPM Enterprise, not the open project. They are not to be used for the VPM Enterprise project you are creating. For example, the Data Manager option on the PM-Admin menu is an interface to the data dictionary for VPM Enterprise itself. It is not an interface to the data dictionary for the open project you are creating. So, don't make the mistake of thinking that changes you make through the PM-Admin Data Manager interface will affect the project you currently have open.


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