VPM Enterprise Toolbar

The VPM Enterprise Toolbar lets you quickly access VPMís project-related File menu options and VPMís application tools.



Source Control Toolbar Buttons

Four buttons on the VPM Enterprise toolbar let you access important source control functionality through these buttons.



Project Manager Toggle Button

The Project Manager option on the VPME Tools menu and the Project Manager button on the VPME Toolbar toggle the Project Manager window open and closed. When the Project Manager window is open, the toggle simply hides the window instead of closing it. 

Tip: The toggle is used to prevent the closing of the project object that would otherwise occur. If you are using the source control with VPME, you should use this method of hiding the Project Manager window instead of closing it by clicking the Project Managerís close button. Keeping the project object open, but hidden, avoids the delay of recreating the project object when you access the Project Manager again.

Accessing Visual FoxPro

When you run VPM Enterprise, the VPM Enterprise menu system replaces the Visual FoxPro menu system. You will find the tools you need to develop professional Visual FoxPro applications on the VPME menus. Only rarely will you need to access the VFP system menu, but when you do, itís only a menu click away.

Choose Exit to FoxPro on the VPM Enterprise File menu when you need to access the Visual FoxPro interface.

If you need to access Visual FoxPro at any time, you can do so by selecting the Exit to FoxPro option on the VPM Enterprise File menu. You can return to VPM Enterprise and continue developing your application by selecting Return to ProMatrix on the Visual FoxPro File menu.


Command Window