VPM-Level Classes

Tip Technical Reference: To truly make VPME your own, you should use the VPME 9.1 Technical Reference manual to study the properties and methods in the classes that VPME provides. You will be amazed at the wealth of properties and methods available to you to make your application development easier.

VPM-level class libraries are located in the VPM Enterprise home directory (normally, \VPME91) and have names that begin with "VPM". You will find the following VPM-level class libraries:

Visual Class Library



The application class used by VPME applications. The blueprints for application-level functionality and objects.


Control classes used by VPME applications.  The VPME control classes are the blueprints for the controls used with forms. The control classes link form controls to Data Builder Field properties.


The Data Handler class used by VPME applications. Provides data handling functionality such as add record, delete record, field validation, key generation, table opening and much more. The Data Handler object is instantiated at application startup and the instantiation of forms.


A custom class with methods that provide a central repository for business rules related to data handling. In a VPME application, the Business Rules object is instantiated whenever the Data Handler object is instantiated.


Classes that define the forms used with the VPME Data Builder/Manager.


Form classes used by VPME applications.  The VPME form classes are the blueprints for forms that provide developers with a head start in creating common application forms.


Classes that define utility forms and functionality.


Classes that define forms and functionality required for VPME Multilingual functionality.


Classes that define the functionality and objects of the VPME Report Manager.


Classes that define the functionality and objects used for user access, menu, field and controls security.

If you change the classes in the VPM-level class libraries, your changes will be inherited by applications you are creating and any future applications you create. However, VPME updates from ProMatrix will require you to reapply your changes.


DEV-Level Classes