Ways to Create Reports for the Report Manager

While you are developing an application, you have three ways of creating reports for the application’s Report Manager.

1. Reports Run from Menu Options

When you use the Object Builder to create a report to run from a menu option, VPME automatically adds it to the Report Manager. Users can then run the report from the menu option or the Report Manager. 

Tip: If you don’t want the report to appear in the Report Manager, you can remove it without deleting the report file.

2. Tools Menu Report Builder

You can select the Report Builder on the Tools menu to create reports for an application. The Report Builder is the same form as an application’s Report Manager but it’s in VPM Enterprise. The reports you create with the Report Builder become part of the application you are creating.

3. Application’s Report Manager

You can use an application’s Report Manager to create reports. Select the Report Manager on the application’s Reports menu to build reports.

Tip: “Report Builder” and “Report Manager” are just different names for the same form. They are both instantiated from the Report_Manager class in the PRORPT.VCX class library. The form is called the Report Manager in an application because users of an application use the form more for managing reports than for building them.


How to Create a Report with the Report Builder/Manager