Welcome to the VPM Enterprise User's Guide. This Userís Guide is your main reference for VPM Enterprise. The Userís Guide takes you step-by-step through the details of installing and setting up VPME and then creating a Visual FoxPro application with VPME. We suggest you read this Userís Guide thoroughly.

The developers of ProMatrix are experienced business systems professionals who know the features that heavy-duty business applications must have. Youíll find those features in the applications you create with VPM Enterprise.


Professional:  An expert in a field of endeavor.

The American Heritage Dictionary


Something within which something else originates or develops.

The American Heritage Dictionary


The professional application development system for FoxPro.

ProMatrix Corporation


Terminology: Throughout the VPM Enterprise documentation, the terms VPM Enterprise, VPM and VPME are used interchangeably. They all refer to the VPM Enterprise framework.

VPM Enterprise Technical Reference: In addition to the Userís Guide, you will want to turn to the VPM Enterprise Technical Reference manual for more information about VPME The Technical Reference manual is your guide to the inner workings of VPM Enterprise. When you need to know the techniques and code used in your VPM Enterprise application, the Technical Reference manual is the place to go.

Tip Ė VPME Custom Properties & Methods: The VPM Enterprise Technical Reference manual lists and explains all the custom properties and methods in the VPME custom classes. You should review the Technical Reference manual to learn about all the useful properties and methods available to you for handling special situations in your applications. This User's Guide points out many of the most important custom properties and methods provided by VPME, but there are so many useful properties and methods that the User's Guide cannot cover them all. Consequently, to fully utilize the power of VPM, spend some time going through the Technical Reference manual to learn what is available to you.

VPM Enterprise Tutorial: You can access a VPM Enterprise Tutorial from the VPME Help menu. We recommend working through the tutorial before beginning your first application.


Who Should Use VPM Enterprise?