What Is a Client-Server Application?

A client-server application is an application that has a local (client) user interface that accesses a remote server database. The server database software provides data administration and maintenance functionality that is independent of the client software. The application distributes the work between the client machine and the server. The way the work is distributed depends on the strengths of the tools used to create the front-end (client) and back-end (server) products.

Visual FoxPro combined with VPM Enterprise provides you with the tools to create powerful client-server applications. A VPM Enterprise client-server application combines the power, speed, graphical user interface and sophisticated querying, reporting, and processing of Visual FoxPro with the seamless multi-user access, massive data storage, built-in security, robust transaction processing, logging, and native server syntax of a database server.

Three database server products widely used as back-ends to Visual FoxPro front-ends are Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database and MYSQL. Database servers do not come with tools for creating remote front-end interfaces. Therefore, a product like Visual FoxPro is required to create a graphical user interface for accessing SQL Server, Oracle and MYSQL data.


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