What Is Remote Data?

When you create a client-server application with Visual FoxPro, you are creating  an application that uses "remote data" located on a remote database server.

As we will use the term, "remote data" means data that is not contained in Visual FoxPro tables. For our purposes, "remote data" does not mean data in a remote location. Remote data is simply non-FoxPro data.

For example, we consider both (1) an Access database located on the same computer that is running a VPM Enterprise application and (2) a SQL Server database located on a different computer to be "remote data".  A client-server application is an application that not only uses remote data, but it's an application where the data is located on a remote data server.

VPM Enterprise provides special functionality that allows you to build Visual FoxPro applications that use remote data (i.e., non-VFP tables). The techniques that you will learn for creating client-server applications revolve around learning to access remote data from a VPM Enterprise application.


Creating Client-Server Applications with Remote Views and CursorAdapters