What is VPM Enterprise?

VPM Enterprise is a Visual FoxPro application development system that allows you to easily and quickly develop professional Visual FoxPro applications with little or no programming. VPM Enterprise is both a Visual FoxPro framework and an application generator.

Here are the major ways VPM Enterprise helps you create Visual FoxPro applications:


Visual FoxPro does little to organize application development. VPM Enterprise provides a framework that organizes Visual FoxPro application development. VPME Eleads you through the development of applications and puts the tools needed to create professional applications at your fingertips.


VPM Enterprise is a Visual FoxPro application wizard. VPME automatically generates a sophisticated application foundation. You develop an application using VPME and Visual FoxPro Designers and Builders. As you build an application, VPM Enterprise automatically inserts the Visual FoxPro code needed to open tables, control access to data, validate data, secure applications, and much more.

Manages and Controls

VPM Enterprise manages and controls Visual FoxPro application development.  VPME tracks all the pieces of each application you develop, and allows you to easily access all the objects that belong to an application. VPME also tracks user activity while working on an application.

Augments and Enhances

VPM Enterprise adds the tools and features expected in professional database applications.  Application tools such as a fully-active data dictionary, a report manager, an error handler and security controls enhance applications and make them more valuable to users.


If you’re a beginner, VPM Enterprise will teach you how you can use Visual FoxPro to develop sophisticated database applications.  Even if you’re an experienced developer, you will increase your knowledge of Visual FoxPro and application development while using ProMatrix. 


How VPM Enterprise Organizes Application Development