What VPM Enterprise Creates

When you click OK on the New Project dialog, VPM Enterprise gets to work creating your new application.  Here’s what happens:

·       The project directories are created and added to the FoxPro path.

·       A record is added to the VPM Enterprise project log table that identifies the new application to ProMatrix.

·       The application’s main menu is created.

·       The application’s main program is created.

·       The files on the New Project Objects list are copied to the project directories and the application prefix is inserted into the file names. (See the “New Project Objects” section of the Customizing VPM Enterprise chapter in the Technical Reference manual.)

·       The application’s Visual FoxPro Project Manager table is built.

·       The application databases and tables are created.

·       Records for the languages selected are added to the Multilingual tables.

·       An .APP file is built for the application.

·       The project’s Object Builder menu is created.

·       The project is opened with the Object Builder displayed.

Next Step: When ProMatrix finishes creating your new starter application, it displays the Object Builder with your application’s starting menu. You’re now ready to add your application’s unique menu options and to create the objects that run from them. However, you should first go to the VPM Enterprise Options menu to set up the application options.


How to Modify What VPM Enterprise Creates