Where to Go from Here

Here’s the approach we recommend for using this User’s Guide and for learning to use VPM Enterprise:

·       Use the Installation & Setup chapter to learn how to install VPM Enterprise and the VPME Sample Application. Follow the instructions in the chapter to make sure you have VPME set up the way you want to use it.

·       Review the Overview and Basic Mechanics chapters to experience the flavor of how VPM Enterprise works and to learn some important things to know.

·       Tour the VPME Sample Application to get a better feel of the functionality VPME can provide for your applications.

·       Tackle the VPM Enterprise Tutorial from the VPME Help menu to learn the basics of creating Visual FoxPro applications with VPME.

·       Read the Creating Applications: Basic Steps chapter to get an overview of the steps to take to build your first VPM Enterprise application. Then, start creating your first application as you read the Starting a New Application chapter.

·       As you read each subsequent chapter, complete the application development tasks each chapter covers. Before you know it, you’ll be reading the Packaging Your Product chapter to prepare a CD to ship to your customers.

Tip – Client-Server Applications: If you will be creating a client-server application, read the Creating a Client-Server Application chapter before launching into the Building Data chapters.

Tip – Multilingual Applications: If you will be creating a multilingual application, read the Multilingual: Creating a Multilingual Application chapter before you go too far into the creation of your application. You should have a feel for what’s involved in making your application multilingual so that you can fit the multilingual set up tasks into your application development schedule.

Tip – Team Development & Source Control: If you want to run VPME under source control and, perhaps, also develop in a team environment, read the Team Development & Source Control chapter to learn how to turn on and set up VPME’s source control support.



Installation & Setup