Where to Go from Here

Now that you’ve seen the VPM Enterprise Sample Application, you have a better idea of what you can do in VPM Enterprise and what VPM Enterprise will do for you. You’re ready to create your first VPM Enterprise application.

The next chapter leads you through the basic steps of creating an application with VPM Enterprise.

OK, We Confess!: At the beginning of this chapter we said that “the VPM Enterprise Sample Application illustrates the kind of Visual FoxPro application you can create with VPME without writing a line of Visual FoxPro code”. That’s not entirely true. There is one place where we inserted code:

·       On the Invoices and Invoice Items form we inserted code to perform calculations.

Remember - Have It Your Way: Every application you create with VPM Enterprise doesn’t have to look like the Sample Application. VPM Enterprise gives you the tools to create applications that fit your style. A VPM Enterprise application is 100% Visual FoxPro. Anything you can do in Visual FoxPro, you can do in a VPM Enterprise application. That opens up a world of possibilities for you.




Creating Applications: Basic Steps