Where To Go From Here

In the next six chapters, we’ll show you how to use the VPM Enterprise Data Builder to create, modify and manage databases, tables, views, CursorAdapters and fields. Pay close attention. If you learn to set up the Data Builder correctly, you’ll save lots of time when you create your application’s forms and reports.

Let’s take a moment to review some important points that we would like you to remember.

·       The Data Builder is a fully-active data dictionary.

·       The Data Builder interface lets you create, modify and manage free tables, databases, tables, local views, remote views, CursorAdapters and fields.

·       You can use the Visual FoxPro Database Designer with the Data Builder, but you need to follow the guidelines presented in this chapter.

·       Use VPM Enterprise entity and referential integrity in your applications in place of Visual FoxPro’s.


Building Data: Databases