Where to Go from Here

After Visual ProMatrix creates a starter VPME Multilingual application for you, you build the application just like you would build any VPME application. You build your menu, data, forms, reports and other application objects just as always.

However, because you are building a VPME Multilingual application, a final step in your application’s construction is the translation of the messages and strings you add to the application into the various languages in which you want your application to run. The next three chapters show you how to manage the languages in your application and how to create and enter the translations of your messages and strings. Read these chapters to learn how to finish off your VPME Multilingual application:

·       Multilingual: Managing Languages

·       Multilingual: Creating Message Translations

·       Multilingual: Creating String Translations

Read the Running a VPME Intl Application chapter to learn how to use the functionality VPME Multilingual includes in a VPME application.

Before you know it, you’ll have a complete VPME Multilingual application ready to ship to your customers.


Multilingual: Managing Languages