Where to Set the View Filters

You use the Filter page in the VFP View Designer to set up the required view filters. The Filter page allows you to specify conditions for selecting records

Open the VPME Sample Application project in VPM Enterprise.  Open the Data Builder. On the List page, select the EMPLOYEE databasesís DVSAEBEN_VP view. Click the Designer button to open the view in the Visual FoxPro View Designer. The Filter page for the view in the View designer looks like this:

Notice that three of the five filter types are being used to filter the DVSAEBEN_VP view: PKValue, ParentPKValue and FIND<fieldname>.

To create a filter, you must enter:

∑       Field Name: Select the field you need to filter in the Field Name column on the Filter page. Important: Note that the field names in the Field Name column are field names from the source tables, not the view field names.

∑       Criteria: Select a comparison operator in the Criteria column.

∑       Example: Enter the value or text with which you want to compare the field in the Example column.

∑       Logical: Add an AND or OR condition to the filter list in the Logical column.

When you finish setting up the filters, the View Designer automatically creates a WHERE clause that defines the view filters and inserts the WHERE clause into the Select statement for the view.


How to Determine the Criteria Operator and Example Entries for a View Filter