Who Should Use VPM Enterprise?

VPM Enterprise is for anyone who needs to create a Visual FoxPro application using:

∑       Visual FoxPro tables,

∑       Views based on Visual FoxPro tables, or

∑       Remote data (client-server).

Remote Data (Client-Server): For the purposes of the VPM Enterprise documentation, "remote data" means data that is not contained in Visual FoxPro tables. For example, (1) an Access database located on the same computer that is running a VPM Enterprise application and (2) a SQL Server database located on a different computer are both considered to be "remote data". VPM Enterprise provides special capability that allows you to use remote data (i.e., non-VFP tables) in a VPM Enterprise application. "Client-server" means an application that uses remote data located on a remote server.

You do not need to be a professional FoxPro application developer to use VPM Enterprise, but your VPM Enterprise applications will look like they were created by a professional.

While you donít have to be a professional, you should know how to use Visual FoxPro and you should be familiar with the following:

∑       The material covered in the Visual FoxPro Documentation.

∑       Basic concepts of object-oriented programming.

∑       The Visual FoxPro Designers (Menu Designer, Database Designer, Forms Designer, View Designer, Report Designer, etc.).


Why Use VPM Enterprise?